Energy Boost by Lauren

This week, when I received my Winter Subscription box and the rest of my order from Fellowship foods CSA, I was feeling very depleted.  The common cold is a nasty curse!  However, the bag of fresh coffee beans was just what I needed to perk myself up enough to make my box opening video!  I ordered whole bean coffee, that is sourced from Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea.  We are guilty of drinking “lazy coffee” from a Keurig, but treating yourself to fresh ground beans steeped in a French press is just so very worth it.  I mean, coffee is basically my life source.  So, after being brought back to life by an amazing cup of Jo, (although still not energized enough to get out of my pajamas), I opened my CSA box. 

  First thing I see when I open the box, more lettuce.  I never thought I would be so excited to see a bag of leafy greens.  Honestly, I have never been a fan of salad.  I have been known to say, “Salad is a waste of space.”  I have been forcing myself to make one salad a week, but I always top it with breaded chicken, fries and cheese in true Pittsburgh fashion.  Anything to cover up the taste of the bunny food!  However, the bag of lettuce I got in my first box was nothing like the bagged organic lettuce from the store.  I was planning on making my usual salads with it, but it just seemed like a disgrace to the lettuce!  I simply added some nice hard boiled eggs, avocados, parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds and organic ranch dressing.  So simple, so yummy, so healthy!  Even my kids ate their whole bowl!  I cannot wait to enjoy it again! 

I was equally excited to see more mushrooms in the box!  Maybe a little too excited, that caffeine was starting to kick in.  I have not made a habit out of cooking with mushrooms since they are not a favorite of my husband.  However, my Chicken Marsala recipe is super yummy, super easy and super quick!  Even my non-mushroom loving husband gobbled it up!  Please check out my first recipe video, made with the amazing portabella mushrooms from the last box.  The video making is a work in progress but the recipe was amazing!  This beautiful bunch of Shitake mushrooms will certainly find a way to my husband’s heart also! 

Speaking of my husband’s heart, he is in love with the garlic hummus!  I may feel a little bit jealous; mostly that he hardly saved me any!  This was a truly a delightful box of deliciousness!  Also included in this week’s box was 5 lbs of mashed potatoes, a large jar of applesauce and red beets.  LOTS OF BEETS!  I personally love them and will simply boil them and eat them as a snack.  I really enjoy using them in my fresh juicing also!  They provide natural energy and help fight inflammation, so I know that drinking fresh beet juice will cure this vicious virus I am harboring.  Stay tuned for juicing recipes!

In addition to my subscription box, I also ordered chicken breasts, ground beef, bacon, chuck roast and fresh peanut butter and jelly for the kids!  I have recently been testing organic peanut butter and can finally stop my search because I have found a winner!  My kids never even batted an eye, which was not the case with many other choices!  It is very convenient to be able to add many other items to my box pickup!  Mostly importantly, I have not been disappointed with anything I have ordered!

So far, after receiving only 2 CSA boxes from Fellowship Foods, I am over the moon!  The produce has been fresh and plentiful, even in these winter months.  I cannot wait to see what will be unboxed once the weather breaks and the farms really begin to bloom.  I will certainly be renewing my subscription to find out!