Fight for Fresh Food

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Recently, my life has forced me into eating healthy. I say this because it was never a priority until my children came along and I realized how much being healthy meant also being happy! Being a stay-at-home mother of a 4 year old and a two year old, much of my thinking is spent on what I will feed them and how it will fuel their bodies for good instead of evil. Processed foods and sugars have become public enemy number one. With this realization, it has become clear that we must switch to whole, organic foods. AH!!! At first this realization literally made me angry! I hate this! We are on a very fixed income and how can I even afford to do this? I started to slowly incorporate buying organic into my weekly grocery shopping, still struggling to come to terms with this decision. Was this really necessary? Seeing the prices of organic vs. non-organic side by side in the stores, weighing my options and trying not to let the price different stab me in my gut. It was painful, knowing I could easily buy something cheaper. That cheap ground beef still has protein, if you can look past the pink sticky goo and all the hormones, and add enough cheese to give it some flavor, the kids will probably still eat it. Not good enough!

Then I found my local CSA! Where has this been all my life? Why is this not an insanely HUGE deal to everyone?!?! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In short, thanks to Chip Kosher at Fellowship foods and his business of bringing these farmers all together in one place, I am now connected with local farmers! I am hooked on this amazing idea and I begin by buying a bunch of meat to try. Chicken breasts, ground beef, pork chops. Hard to even compare to what I was finding at my local Giant eagle butcher. Even my classic dinners are tasting so much better now. Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and broccoli, stirfry; everything is coming up roses! So, I decided that this CSA we found, was the way to battle my new enemy. I went online, signed up for a monthly subscription. Less than a week later, my husband brings home a huge box of locally sourced, seasonal produce. My kids are immediately biting into those fresh, juicy, apples. I am already boiling over with ideas of what ridiculously healthy dinners I am going to create!

Check out my box opening video and please stay tuned for recipe videos! Included in my Winter Subscription box was 4 large turnips, a large bag of lettuce, 6 apples, 1 ear of dried corn for popping, one jar of pickles, 2 portabella mushrooms (that literally looked like they were just picked right out of the forest!), 4 large frozen tomatoes, and one very large squash. What to make? What to make? I feel like the battle is already won! How can I fail to feed my family healthy if I only buy organic, local, farm fresh food!? Well, if they don’t eat it-that’s how! So now my challenge is to use these ingredients to make family friendly meals. Calling in the big guns on this task! (Googling galore!) My hope is that this blog can be a beacon of light to those lost in the darkness. Finding fresh food doesn’t have to be a fight!