Mushroom Mania

I am starting to know what to expect from my weekly winter subscription boxes from Fellowship Foods. Mostly, I expect to be very pleased! Beautiful bouquets of lettuce have been a staple; this week a fresh head of butter lettuce. Crunchy Kale leaves and fragrant basil made my heart soar! Another bag of frozen Roma Tomatoes, and now my wheels are really starting to turn! Plus, the variety of mushrooms I have seen so far has been quite surprising! Opening up the bag of Oyster Mushrooms, recipe ideas began flooding in! I just couldn’t want to try it all! I also loved seeing more of the fresh red apples, and a nice jar of strawberry jam. My kids and I have already enjoyed a few PB&J’s.

I knew the next day that I would be using many of these wonderful ingredients for my dinner. I thought about it much of the day, before deciding to try something new. I am always a little skeptical of new recipes, but I wanted to incorporate the oyster mushrooms and I have never cooked with them before. Preparing the ingredients was easy and fun. Just a little washing and chopping and before I knew it, I was cooking up a Mushroom Marinara. Click here for the recipe. And it you want to see the video, click here. It was perfect with a few Fellowship Food chicken breasts, which I very highly recommend. They cooked up very nicely on my griddle with just a little salt and pepper. It took less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook everything! I live for recipes that are quick and easy. We also enjoyed the butter lettuce on the side, which was literally the best ever!

Fellowship foods has been such a blessing to my family. The consistently amazing produce is exactly what I would hope from a CSA. If you have not jumped on this wagon yet, now is the time! I know the farms will be overflowing soon, and I am really looking forward to seeing the Summer Subscription boxes!