Name Dropping

When I began ordering from Fellowship foods, I had no clue how many local businesses obtain their ingredients from them! It is such a relief to know that I can go to numerous local restaurants and be ensured that their dishes are made with quality, organic fixings. On the day of my box pickup this week, I was feeling very lazy and had no idea what I make for dinner. However, since we have “gone organic” I have not had an easy time ordering takeout. After doing a lot of research, we ordered some sandwiches from the new Don’s Deli, located in Beaver. When my husband stopped to pick up the food, and began conversing with the Deli owners, he found out that they use Fellowship foods! The fresh ingredients certainly helped make the food delicious!

Also, one of my personal favorites that can boast fresh food from Fellowship Foods is Vic’s Oven located in Beaver, PA. It is now the only place from which we order pizza and it is amazing every time! Fellowship foods partners with the following amazingly successful establishments: Biba in Beaver, Beaver Agway and Mt. Nebo Agway, Hollywood Gardens in Rochester, Beaver falls Coffee and Tea in Beaver Falls, Health hut, Burghers in Harmony, Body Beautiful in Cranberry, Hosanna Industries, Piccolinas cafe in upper St. Claire, Best feeds garden centers, SouLift in Beaver, Meadville Farm and garden, Thursdays in Bridgewater, Brady’s run Grille in Fallston, Grand Valley Inn in Fallston, Fitness Werqs in Allison Park, The Upper Crust in Washington, PA.

Most importantly to me, Fellowship foods provides for my family! In the box this week, we received a beautiful head of lettuce, a large bag of turnips, mushrooms, apple butter, hummus, a huge head of cabbage, and a bag of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was the perfect addition to the kielbasa I ordered. I put the sauerkraut, kielbasa, a small onion, a few sliced apples and a bit of brown sugar in my crock pot to cook this afternoon. After 5 hours on low, it was so delicious. My husband, who has never liked sauerkraut before, went back for more!

Fellowship foods is not only bringing us together with local farmers, but local businesses too! I am so proud and honored to be a part of this huge connection. Our community is beautiful, thriving, and healthier too, all thanks to Fellowship Foods!

Here is my video for this week!