Kale Crunchers

When we got our Fellowship Foods subscription box this week, the kids were so excited that I had to let them open it themselves! It was fun for me to see how many vegetables they could identify and which ones they were most interested in trying. It is obvious that Kale is their favorite! Even after I took the video, they continued to walk around crunching on the fresh Kale!

They will eat it raw, made into chips or cooked in numerous recipes we all love. My daughter Charlotte is 4, and Noah is almost 3, but they have more advanced palates than many adults I know! I am blessed to have children who are always willing to try new things and love healthy food! There is nothing more important to me right now than making sure that they consume high quality, nutritious meals.

In addition to a beautiful bag of Kale, my kids discovered we had 2 heads of Lettuce, a huge Spaghetti squash, Oyster mushrooms, amazing Asparagus, Ramps (or wild leeks), Bok Choy, and Mint. I used the fresh lettuce that evening for Pittsburgh chicken salads. SO yummy. Since then I have used almost everything in the box! We had an awesome veggie spaghetti, with the oyster mushrooms, some of the asparagus, some zucchini and carrots in my homemade tomato sauce. I baked the spaghetti squash to use for the noodles, which was incredibly delicious! I also made “Kale and two bean soup”, one of my personal favorites. It is so easy (and cheap!) and just as good warmed up for lunch the next day. I am loving my springtime boxes, and I know it is only going to get better as the weather continues to warm up. Being able to provide meals for my children that are made with only organic ingredients makes my heart happy!

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