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Our First Fruit Box!

First fruit box! My children have really been loving Fellowship Foods.  This week was my first time ordering the Fruit Subscription box and I was as pleasantly pleased as always with what we unboxed!  This video was not at all coached, Charlotte already knows Chip by name!  They were just so happy to enjoy this […]

Green Machine

The Fellowship Foods box this week was overflowing with beautiful greens!  This is what I love so much about Spring, everything turns green and is full of life.  This week’s box was the last one for the winter subscription!  Which means, it is time to SIGN up for the summer subscription!  Go to and […]

Kale Crunchers

When we got our Fellowship Foods subscription box this week, the kids were so excited that I had to let them open it themselves! It was fun for me to see how many vegetables they could identify and which ones they were most interested in trying. It is obvious that Kale is their favorite! Even […]

Name Dropping

When I began ordering from Fellowship foods, I had no clue how many local businesses obtain their ingredients from them! It is such a relief to know that I can go to numerous local restaurants and be ensured that their dishes are made with quality, organic fixings. On the day of my box pickup this […]

Mushroom Mania

I am starting to know what to expect from my weekly winter subscription boxes from Fellowship Foods. Mostly, I expect to be very pleased! Beautiful bouquets of lettuce have been a staple; this week a fresh head of butter lettuce. Crunchy Kale leaves and fragrant basil made my heart soar! Another bag of frozen Roma […]

Energy Boost by Lauren

This week, when I received my Winter Subscription box and the rest of my order from Fellowship foods CSA, I was feeling very depleted.  The common cold is a nasty curse!  However, the bag of fresh coffee beans was just what I needed to perk myself up enough to make my box opening video!  I […]

Fight for Fresh Food

Please check out our YouTube channel and the video here: Our First Delivery! and while you are there please subscribe to the channel! Recently, my life has forced me into eating healthy. I say this because it was never a priority until my children came along and I realized how much being healthy meant also […]

grilled local carrots with pesto and cheese

Guest Recipe: Grilled Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto

I have the distinct pleasure of living in (and eating with) a community of exceptionally good cooks. We have THE BEST POTLUCKS.  And if someone is sick, bereaved, or has a new baby, they’ll be blessed with weeks of the finest take-out and ready-to-freeze meals you’ll never see at a restaurant. So it follows that these […]