How It Works/FAQ

If you’re looking for locally produced food in the Beaver County and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, we’re here to provide the best of what our region has to offer!

How does it work?

Our food is available by subscription and a la carte.  Our vegetables and fruit are sold on a subscription basis.  Each week you will receive combination of vegetables that are in season at that time.  These subscriptions are equally important to us and the farmers in our planning to ensure that we can provide you quality products throughout the growing season.

You can order your subscriptions and your individual items online. Non-produce subscriptions run for 8 weeks, whenever you want to start. Produce subscriptions run seasonally, with specific start and end dates, but you can join at any time during that span. You can manage vacations, switches, cancellations, and suspensions in the My Account page. We operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, which allows this flexibility. Read more

All changes and additions must be requested by Saturday the week before the change!


How do I get the food?

packing boxes on delivery day

Chip works with many farmers and producers within a fairly small radius of Beaver County, PA. He picks up their goods in the beginning of the week, and we pack the produce up in boxes and the cold stuff in coolers for delivery Tuesday-Friday. Each customer will receive a box with their name on it; if you order both fruit and veggies you will have two boxes.  All eggs and meats are dropped off in coolers, and individual orders are placed in bags inside the coolers with the individuals name on them. Please do not take the coolers.  We will reuse your boxes if you leave them at your stop or bring them backthe following week.  Pick the dropoff point most convenient for you, and come pick it up during the time that location is available. We need at least 5 subscriptions to add a new drop location.

What can I purchase through you?

We offer produce, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, and locally produced prepared foods like artisan breads, small-batch roasted coffee, grass-fed cows’ milk cheese, jarred goods, and more.

I’m concerned about how my food is grown/produced. 

We are too! Here’s our philosophy, and how we bring it to you.

How do I pay?

If you’re paying by credit card through the site, your card will be charged automatically on a recurring basis unless you change that in your account settings. Other payment methods will be handled by email. Mail any checks or money orders to 864 Jackson Ave., Monaca, PA  15061.

What if I go on vacation, need to change my quantities, or add a la carte items?

We understand you may have to miss a delivery.  If this is the case please notify us by Sunday night before your delivery by accessing your account. On vegetables and fruit you may skip that week’s order and not be billed, or we will still bill you for it the following week and donate the same dollar amount to Oak Hill Alliance Church’s Food Bank.  On meats and eggs you may either skip or double up the following week. If you need to contact us more directly about your order, email

IMG_3552I run a commercial kitchen- can I use your ingredients?

Certainly! Restaurants, cafes and institutions can tell a great story when using locally produced ingredients. Discerning customers want it, the local economy benefits, and the flavor and nutrition of the ingredients is better than with factory farmed food. Our meats are butchered, vacuum-packed, and frozen in a USDA-certified shop.

Contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs! Online ordering for wholesale customers is coming soon!

Do you sell in bigger quantities?

As the harvests come in, sometimes we’ll have specials on larger quantities of things for preserving. We’ll communicate by email at least. Sign up below for our newsletter to get these unique deals!



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