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quinoa power bowl

Autumn Harvest Quinoa Power Bowl

I love a good, hearty bowl of autumnal goodness. The brussel sprouts we received this week and the butternut squash sitting on my counter from last week inspired today’s easy weeknight recipe: a vegetarian combo of cool-season veggies and quinoa, with dried cherries and pumpkin seeds for brightness and crunch. This meal cooks up within 35 […]

There’s a trick to the boxes

Our stop hosts are gracious to let us crowd their porches with boxes of fresh food once a week, so it’s nice of us subscribers to flatten the empty boxes as we drop them off and stack them neatly. As a stop host, customer, and box-packer myself, I can say it’s appreciated! Future teacher Olivia is […]


Our tagline is also our mission: “Connecting Pennsylvania Farmers with Pennsylvania Eaters”. We serve as the connection between people at home and the people who grow the food we eat at home. Traditional CSA programs are run by a single farm, sometimes in partnership with other farms that raise or grow different products. They are […]


This is a teaser for our upcoming food preservation workshop series, which we’ll announce in the coming weeks The worst part about berry season is the day it’s over. I’m always trying to prolong my access to berries in any way to avoid the inevitable sadness that occurs when my raspberries stop producing, and the […]